xGage is an Alternative commonsense media platform for people who are tired of politically correct mainstream media and the much expected BS overload they spew at us everyday. If you are not already sucked in and brainwashed, you dont engage. That means you rather xgage and this space is for you.

,..To find Practical Solutions to Libtardism Problems, just kidding!. Libtardism has no solution as far as the western world is concerned, but its effects can be minimised at least in your own little space and everyday life. This portal may help keep sanity as we all watch idiotic esoterism evolve into normalcy in western society. 

Who are we?

Anti-Feminism, Anti-Libtardism, Anti-BluePill, Anti-Racism, Anavaphobic, to mention a few

We are a group of commonsense people trying to keep commonsense alive, nothing more. If what you see here resonates with your digital echo chamber, you are welcome to contribute your thoughts, research data and other useful information here. Otherwise if you think our ideas are from the other side of the wall, we always welcome civil point-based arguments in the comment section.